Rediscovering or Igniting your Purpose has never been easier!   


The number one question we get asked in our ministry is... Can you help me find my purpose? 

Have you found yourself asking questions like this:

  • How do I discover my purpose?
  • I feel like I lost my purpose...How do I rediscover my purpose?
  • I need to reconnect to my purpose. Who can help me? 

Over the past few months, we took the time to help the members of our mentorship group rediscover their purpose in God. The result were remarkable now we are making this resource available for everyone in our community. 

What you will learn in Rediscovering your purpose

  • You will be empowered you to reignite your purpose 
  • Uncover your spiritual assignment 
  • Confidently pursue the will of God for your life
  • Eliminate the root cause of doubt and fear concerning your purpose
I'm Ready to Rediscovering My Purpose


“Excellent teaching! It pushes & encourages me to continue moving/growing further in my purpose!"

Even though assignments can change, our purpose remains the same! I'm committed to walking in divine obedience, so the will of God is totally fulfilled in my life. I decree & declare my purpose is being reignited & reawakened to execute every task God calls me to do. -Shana Zolicoffer

“I am not an accident!!! I was born for a PURPOSE and created with a PURPOSE!!!

What a powerful teaching; it fixed me to think and reflect on my purpose and how I have stood in my own way to living in my divine purpose because of past hurts, doubts and shame...these will be eliminated NOW!!!” Hameda Satar Harris

"Thank you for this powerful teaching. I will continue to be like David; I will follow the voice of the Holy Spirit for my life."

I will recover it all!! In The Name Of Jesus!! I will continue to be obedient as God continues to re-route my purpose so that My Prophetic Destiny will be aligned with the truth, which is how God sees me; healed, whole delivered and set free. In Jesus Name Amen.”-Tamah Rivers