Inner Healing

Free Masterclass 10/28/21

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Are you ready to end cycles of anxiety, fear, and rejection that ruin your spiritual growth? You need inner healing!


Inner Healing Masterclass

If you suffer from an inconsistent in prayer life and see little spiritual growth… if you experience cycles of fear or anxiety … if you are ready to step out boldly into your spiritual calling… then this message is just for you. 

Many believers suffer in silence when all they need is inner healing.

How do you know if you need Inner Healing? 

  • Did you know that past trauma can affect every area of your life, including your finances?
  • Do you need to gain confidence to walk in your purpose and fulfill your calling? 
  • Are you ready to unpack your pain, baggage, and buried emotions and give them to God once and for all?
  • Are you tired of experiencing cycles of rejection and fear? Do you need to understand the root cause of it? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Inner Healing Masterclass was designed for you. As believers, it can be hard to admit if we need a personal revival. You were never meant to experience constant cycles of frustration you are designed to dominate in life, and Inner Healing helps you deal with past hurts.


 It's time to stop the cycles and heal for real. 

Join us on Thursday, October 28th, 8 pm EST / 7 pm CST for the Inner Healing Masterclass.

Don't this Masterclass! Space is limited. 

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Space is limited and registration is required. The masterclass will not be available via social media. 









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About LaTrice Ryan Ministries 

Evangelist LaTrice Ryan is an author, community leader, and evangelist known by many for her passion and fiery deliverance of the word of God. She is a powerhouse in the pulpit and her community encouraging people to discover the potential within.

In 2020, the Lord called her to create Kingdom Sniper Institute;  where she equips leaders to go from feeling spiritually stuck or dormant in their walk with God to feeling equipped, empowered, and revived in their Prayer life.